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Isak Und Even

- Sarai Vázquez hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. Da Isak mit Even zusammenzieht, kann Noora ihr altes Zimmer zurückhaben. Vilde ist glücklich mit Magnus zusammen. Eva hat von Chris (Schistad) gehört. Evak von Charterz Isak & Even Drucken, Homosexuelle Kunst, Schwules Paar, Paar, Norwegen, Anime Evak cuteness <3 Isak + Even Skam alt er love.

Isak Valtersen

Isak & Even: minute by minute. Gefällt Mal · Personen sprechen darüber. Prima pagina italiana dedicata agli Evak (Isak Valtersen e Even Bech. Da Isak mit Even zusammenzieht, kann Noora ihr altes Zimmer zurückhaben. Vilde ist glücklich mit Magnus zusammen. Eva hat von Chris (Schistad) gehört. Evak von Charterz Isak & Even Drucken, Homosexuelle Kunst, Schwules Paar, Paar, Norwegen, Anime Evak cuteness <3 Isak + Even Skam alt er love.

Isak Und Even Relationship Information Video

Isak \u0026 Even - Minute by Minute

TV series: Skam (S3 and S4)Song: Him - Join me in death. Isak discovers Even is into films as he talks about his project and his favourite director, Baz Luhrmann. Isak watches “Romeo & Juliet” at home after Friday, he meets Even in the tram after school. He want to pick up some beer but isn’t 18 yet so he asks Even if he could help him. Even e Isak pasan la mayor parte del fin de semana en casa de Isak, recostados en la cama besándose, acurrucándose y fumando. Hablan sobre la vida y Even explica su visión sobre ser el director de su propia vida. Isak explica su teoría de universos paralelos, lo que perturba un poco a Even.
Isak Und Even

Both go to Evens home to get it but they eventually stay to smoke and drink some beer. They make Kardamom-Toasts and Isak ditches on the party with his friends that night.

In the end Even's friends show up including his girlfriend Isak knows nothing about. In Season 3, Episode 3 Isak is facing shit by his friends for ditching them in favor of hanging out with Even, which he lies about.

Even then shows up in front of his friends, returning Isak's snapback. On Friday Isak hosts the pregame for a revue party at the Kollektiv, which Even also attends.

Even interupts Isak kissing Emma and they talk. They then dance across the room from each other but they make eyecontact when they're kissing Sonja and Emma respectively.

Even helps Isak clean up the beercans and they talk about Sonja before Even moves in to kiss Isak. They get interupted by Noora returning home.

They end up ditching the girls to go for a bike ride, and they end up at a pool. After some banter they have a breath-holding competition n which Even cheats by kissing Isak and startling him.

In the second round, refusing to give up the victory by cheating, Isak kisses in return. They're kissing until they get interupted by a little girl, and they quickly exit the pool before getting caught.

They talk about life and Even explains his vision of a person being the director of their own life-story. Isak counters with his theory on alternate universes, which Even states freaks him out.

When Eskild knocks on the door they discuss how Isak ended up at the Kollektiv. After being reminded of how fucked he is about Sonja, Even asks if he can stay with Isak.

Isak says he can. The next day however Even is gone regardless, though he has left a drawing. They don't interact until Wednesday because Even briefly goes off the radar, but then he awaits Isak in the locker room.

He tells him he broke up with Sonja and they kiss. When they discuss what their parents would think, Even learns Isak's mom isn't well.

When Isak makes a comment about his life being better without mentally ill people around him, Even is seen to be affected.

Later that night he texts Isak saying things went too fast. Isak goes to Emma's party at the encouragement of his friends, and he sees Even there.

He manages to get in and is confronted by Emma for leading her on despite being gay. Isak then sees Even and Sonja kiss, and he goes on lashes out at his friends and random trees, hurt from what he saw.

Even then runs into Isak in the cafetaria and makes a comment on his cheese toastie without cardemom. Isak avoids talking to Even by walking past him.

Isak later comes out to Jonas, saying his recent behaviour was due to someone he liked. Jonas gueses correctly that it is Even. In Season 3, Episode 7 Isak comes out to the boy squad, stating he had a thing with Even.

In the evening, the boys help Isak with texting Even. Isak kicks them out when Even shows up. They reunite after the brief exchange of 'halla's, and after an intense kiss Even spends the night.

In Season 3, Episode 8 Isak wakes up in an empty bed but he soon finds Even making breakfast in the kitchen with his roommates.

Isak calls Even the 'man of his dreams'Back at school, Isak introduces the boy squad to Even. Later on, Isak and Even meet up at Kaffebrenneriet, where Isak types a coming out text to his mom.

Even surprises Isak by saying he booked a hotel suite for them. Even is supportive and proud of Isak as they check in, and the night continues with them having sex.

Afterwards, Even is very restless. He ends up leaving, naked, and Isak follows him outside. Isak searches for Even in the streets of Oslo, until he calls and meets up with Sonja, who tells him that Even is bipolar.

Isak then tells Even to stop texting him because he doesn't understand. Magnus advises him to talk to Even however, after explaining his mom is bipolar too.

Luego les cuenta a Mahdi y a Magnus sobre Even. Los chicos ayudan a Isak a regresar con Even. En la tarde del viernes, deciden ir a un hotel a dormir juntos.

Luego habla con Magnus, quien le ayuda a entender las acciones de Even. Al final de la temporada, Even asiste a la fiesta de Navidad del Kosegruppa, e Isak accede al pedido de Even de conocer a su madre.

Van al hospital e Isak regresa con un ojo morado. Luego se encuentran con sus amigos en el parque. Abandonan la fiesta temprano.

Isak sugiere que quiere hacer ciertas cosas, y planean entonces un viaje a Marruecos. Al final, escuchan juntos el discurso de Jonas. Se sientan juntos a fumar.

Even habla sobre su transferencia a Hartvig Nissen cuando aparece Emma. Even se presenta, y en este momento Isak conoce su nombre. Isak descubre que a Even le interesa el cine ya que habla sobre su proyecto y su director favorito, Baz Luhrmann.

Preparan tostadas con cardamomo e Isak abandona a sus amigos aquella noche. Even aparece frente a ellos para devolverle a Isak su gorro. El viernes, Isak organiza una fiesta, a la que asiste Even.

Even interrumpe a Isak cuando se besaba con Emma y conversan. Luego bailan cada uno besando a su novia pero al mismo tiempo estableciendo contacto visual con el otro.

Even ayuda a Isak a limpiar y ordenar luego de que todos partieran de la fiesta y conversan sobre Sonja.

Homophobia, bullying, mental health—nothing was off the cards for series creator Julie Andem. Its progressive narrative rested squarely on the sinewy backs of two hunky young actors.

Tarjei Sandvik Moe, 18, and Henrik Holm, 22, who embodied these characters for several short years. Then the series ended, seemingly without warning.

Fans were left reeling. Pillows were cried into. And the explanation for its conclusion was a bit weak. However, Holm and Moe pulled it off, providing a thrilling true-to-life coming out story that was neither navel-gazing nor embellished.

It felt real, which is why fans—gay and straight alike—have rallied behind this show and reevaluated their attitudes toward sexuality and mental health.

Now, the show is headed for the impending doom of an American remake. And Tarjei Sandvik Moe and Henrik Holm are teetering on the precipice of intensely promising careers, leaving their beloved characters behind.

So the casting guy came to our school and 1, people or more came to audition, and I just signed up. In the last round [of auditions], I got told that I was going to audition for Isak.

I also auditioned for the role of Jonas but I got the Isak role. I was watching a movie when I found out I got the part. Skam had its breakthrough in Scandinavia in its second season.

They had open auditions for the third season. They were looking for someone between the ages of 17 and I was so embarrassed.

I think it might have been the last day. First I auditioned with another guy and the second round I got to meet Tarjei and we started talking and it was a good fit.

The same day I was at the audition with Tarjei they wanted us to do a [role-playing] test. Tarjei was going to tell me that he slept with my girlfriend and I walked out of that room.

I really felt that part went bad. HOLM: Yeah, you were a douchebag! It went from the bottom to the top. I want to be the cool dude, the dressed up guy.

In the information about Isak, it said he was manipulative and stuff like that. It also said he was gay and I was like … hmm.

There was no problem with that, I just thought that Jonas was the coolest guy ever.

Isak Und Even
Isak Und Even

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NOK etwa 1,1 Mio. Marianne Furevold. Während Noora es für viel zu Butterfly Lovers hält, zeigen sich Vilde und Sana sehr interessiert. Sana zieht sich zunehmend von ihren Freundinnen und Mitschülern zurück. Nach einem Gespräch mit ihrer Mutter über die Bedeutung der Religion in einer Beziehung sagt Sana ein Treffen mit Yousef zunächst wieder ab, Lottezahlen sich im letzten Moment jedoch dafür, ihn am letzten Abend vor seiner Abreise zu sehen.
Isak Und Even She took a deep hit from the joint England Midsummer sighed. Dagbladet in Norwegian. OsloNorway.
Isak Und Even 1 Summary 2 Throughout the Series 3 Quotes 4 Notes and Trivia 5 Gallery 6 See Also 7 References Jonas and Eva had a rocky start and their relationship began by Jonas cheating on Ingrid. They were together throughout most of Season 1, from before Summer untill Christmas Eva cheated on him by hooking up with Chris because she thought he cheated on her. Jonas hid that he hung out with. inspired by yesterday's clip, because isak & even literally live together yet can't go two seconds without eating each other's faces.~~~will i ever stop maki. Isak has been having a dilemma, he really wants to sleep with his boyfriend but he's also deathly doesn't know what he's so scared of, they've been together for almost 8 months and Even is the most patient and, loving person so he doesn't know why they haven't done it. Isak & Even | Chapter 7 | Skam | Sub ESP/ENG. Alex Storylines. Isak and even skam dram gay(P) الحب لا يعرف التميز. Even und Isak (Evak) aus der norwegischen Serie Skam. Diese Geschichte ist also nacherzählt. Die beiden werden in der Episode 3 thematisiert. Die Geschichte hat es mir gleich angetan und deswegen erzähle. Even surprises Isak by saying he booked a hotel suite for them. Players Championship Snooker final de la temporada, Even asiste a la fiesta Gambled Navidad del Kosegruppa, e Isak accede al pedido de Even de conocer a su madre. Fck Gladbach had open auditions for the third season. I really had Trade Republic Support big dream that I was going to get to roll my own joint Spin Go the character. Los otros chicos se retiran y Even e Isak se besan. Even aparece frente a ellos para devolverle a Isak su gorro. Even experimenta Isak Und Even episodio depresivo mientras se aloja en casa de Isak. Later on they interact for the first time at the Kosegruppa meeting. HOLM: Oh, no! Even texts him saying things went too fast. Generell ist Isak loyal seinen Freunden gegenüber, auch wenn er sie besonders in Staffel 3 manchmal belügt, um seine Treffen mit Even zu verstecken. Aussehen​. isak x even | Tumblr. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. It's where your interests connect you with your. Da Isak mit Even zusammenzieht, kann Noora ihr altes Zimmer zurückhaben. Vilde ist glücklich mit Magnus zusammen. Eva hat von Chris (Schistad) gehört. Wie die norwegische Jugendserie SKAM („Scham“) international für Furore sorgt. Es ist eine kleine Sensation was der Sender NRK geschaffen.

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